Medical Professional Services Inc.

About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to protect and enrich the patient-physician relationship by providing business and clinical support services to our physician members.

Our Story

Where we came from

Medical Professional Services, Inc. (MPS) was founded in 1986 as a physician hospital organization to improve the coordination of care for patients utilizing Middlesex Hospital. Over the years MPS became an independent physician association (IPA) to continue its founding purpose. MPS has since added payer contracting and developed an accountable care organization (ACO).

Where we are today

Today MPS is a premier Connecticut-based IPA whose members are medical and surgical specialists, primary care providers, and hospital-based physicians who are dedicated to providing exceptional medical and surgical care to residents throughout Connecticut.

The main goal of our payer contracting is to help practices negotiate and establish the kind of two-way communication required in value-based payer situations. 

In a value-based arrangement, risk is shifted to providers, and payers base reimbursement on documented quality of care. As a result, these arrangements usually involve more extensive data reporting and payer collaboration. 

MPS provides all of the analytical data required to ensure favorable contracts with insurers and provides the kind of care coordination and collaborative negotiations needed to succeed in this environment.

In the rapidly changing healthcare environment, MPS remains dedicated to supporting physician members in improving patient access and providing high quality of care. An example of this is the creation of our Care Coordination office in Middlebury, CT to manage innovative CMS programs and commercial shared savings contracts.

What the future holds

As the landscape of healthcare changes, MPS remains committed to helping its physician members bridge the relationship between payers and practices, where the goal is to provide exceptional care to patients. Healthcare is shifting more toward collaborative, outcome-based care, and MPS is here to see that through and ensure that our physicians can embrace the benefits. 

The recent Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announcement of its goal to move 50 percent of Medicare payments to alternative payment models (including ACO-based arrangements) indicates the government’s strong backing of the model. 

Coupled with continuing endorsement of the approach from state Medicaid programs and commercial insurers, there is strong support for this care delivery approach to continue, and MPS intends to help lead the charge in Connecticut.

MPS is located in Middletown, Connecticut. Get to know our board of directors and management team. If you have any questions about becoming an MPS physician member, please do not hesitate to contact us.